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Update Log

4.2.5 [2024/04/18]

  • Added a frequently asked questions menu option.
  • Fixed the URL paths for other document links.

4.2.4 [2024/03/29]

  • Added a switch configuration option for the mouse control module.
  • Added a configuration option for the effective time of long-pressing the mouse.
  • Optimized the default parameter options for the default custom configuration.
  • Enhanced the categorization and display logic of the menu options.

4.2.3 [2024/03/02]

  • Added mouse control module, planning to enhance the mouse control capability in the future
  • Redefined the data structure of the blacklist, adding urls and domains as two global blacklists
  • Refactored the script disabling logic for a specific domain to enable custom editing of the disable list configuration
  • Modified the default recommendation configuration list, discarding irrational old recommendations
  • Corrected the show/hide logic of the script disabling menu, ensuring normal enable/disable of the script under any website

4.2.2 [2024/02/29]

  • Added URL exclusion configuration options, allowing for more refined configuration
  • Added the B site homepage to the URL exclusion to fix severe memory leaks on the homepage reported by some users

4.2.1 [2024/02/28]

  • Optimized disable logic to thoroughly disable scripts on individual websites
  • Removed the shortcut key disabling script logic, solving issues with too many interfering logics
  • Optimized some abnormal interactive logic in the UI

4.2.0 [2024/02/26]

  • Improved support for non-Greasemonkey plugins to enhance compatibility
  • Removed the looping scrolling logic of the recommendation module to improve user experience
  • Adjusted the rendering logic of the recommendation module to downplay the display effect
  • Added control logic for disabling UI options in the Greasemonkey menu
  • Optimized download save logic to reduce filename input
  • Internationalized the download module prompts

4.1.0 [2024/02/22]

  • Added a module for actively reading configuration information from the official website
  • Added logic to prevent UI rendering deadlocks
  • Optimized the display logic of the UI to reduce toolbar interference
  • Adjusted the display order of the UI close button
  • Fixed the issue with global configuration write exceptions
  • Fixed the issue with YouTube subtitles not following properly
  • Added the @antifeature tag as needed

4.0.1 [2024/02/19]

  • Added the @antifeature according to the community rules, being proactive
  • Resolved the issue of being reported because the free GPT-4 was promoted in carousel ads (it's honestly free!)
  • Currently, no plans to add a series of "features" with the @antifeature tag
  • But, some promotional links that won't affect the user experience might be added

4.0.0 [2024/02/15]

  • Added a visual UI operation interface, lowering the usage threshold and improving operational convenience
  • Implemented support for adjusting speed in mobile browsers (update of user document will follow)
  • Improved the video download feature, significantly enhancing streaming extraction capability for more websites
  • Perfected the settings option feature, allowing for more refined configuration
  • Optimized the memory usage of experimental features and performed overall performance tuning
  • Fixed a series of known issues (But the addition of the UI interface may also introduce more potential issues)

3.7.12 [2024/01/19]

  • Fixed the issue of oversized jpg files when saving screenshots
  • Fixed the problem of passing screenshots to the clipboard being ineffective

3.7.11 [2024/01/04]

  • Added script logic to automatically skip Youtube ads
  • Fixed the problem of the underlying shortcut key library not supporting multiple window object bindings
  • Solved the problem of unable to pass shortcuts on iframe nested websites

3.7.10 [2024/01/03]

  • Added the function of remembering the historical playback speed
  • Optimized the visibility logic of the progress bar when YouTube is paused
  • Optimized debug output-related logic

3.7.9 [2023/11/03]

  • Solved the problem of the Loading icon lingering during YouTube play and pause

3.7.8 [2023/06/28]

  • Attempted to optimize the memory occupancy of the B site

3.7.7 [2023/06/26]

  • Fixed the problem of audio and visual asynchrony after frequent switching of high and low speed

3.7.6 [2023/05/16]

  • Added a UI configuration interface for global configuration
  • Added support for ShadowDOM events
  • Fixed the problem of B-site video ratio being interfered after adjustment

3.7.5 [2023/04/21]

  • Solved the problem of not being able to chat normally in NewBing
  • Resolved the issue of not being able to enter Wenxin Yiyuan normally
  • Resolved the issue of script icons displaying abnormally under certain networks
  • Fixed logical issues with shortcut keys compatible with win and mac

3.7.4 [2023/03/31]

  • Promoted the public interest ChatGPT

3.7.3 [2023/03/15]

  • Added menu options to enable/disable scripts
  • Changed UA to solve the playback speed problem for non-members of Baidu Drive

3.7.2 [2023/02/23]

  • Resolved the playback speed issue for non-members of Baidu Drive
  • Enhanced the anti-interference ability of the speed adjustment

3.7.1 [2022/11/29]

  • Added the switch menu option for volume gain
  • Added the switch menu option for cross-domain control
  • Enhanced the internationalization information

3.7.0 [2022/11/25]

  • Implemented the ability to customize shortcut keys
  • Implemented the ability to customize configurations
  • Implemented the ability to customize the task configuration center
  • Increased the ability of volume gain to enhance volume loudness
  • Added more menu control items and optimized menu interaction
  • Removed debug mode to reduce unnecessary information output
  • Optimized the issue of shortcut key occupancy and conflict
  • Solved the issue of abnormal recovery of playback speed
  • Removed some unused APIs and scripts

3.6.3 [2022/11/18]

  • Increased the anti-interference ability of the speed adjustment
  • Fixed the issue of default progress prohibition not being effective
  • Fixed the issue of B-site's "Next Episode" feature failing under certain addresses

3.6.2 [2022/11/11]

  • Optimized menu description
  • Fixed the issue of B-site’s HEVC video control failing

3.6.1 [2022/11/3]

  • Added an option to switch on/off experimental features
  • Added the ability to download video stream content (experimental feature)
  • Optimized playback progress record and recovery logic
  • Fixed the issue with overlapped Tampermonkey menus

3.6.0 [2022/10/23]

  • Refactored the underlying control logic to enhance compatibility
  • Added support for speed control of audio playback
  • Added support for the AdGuard extension
  • Can be used as a separate script introduced into web pages
  • Gradually reduced dependence on Tampermonkey's proprietary API
  • Adjusted the logic for recording playback progress
  • Optimized and improved the accuracy of playback instance switching
  • Fixed the issue of speed control failure in Tencent videos
  • Fixed the problem of content prompts lingering on the page
  • Solved the issue of control over the play progress not being able to return to 0:00
  • Solved the issue of numeric menus appearing in Tampermonkey

3.5.4 [2022/10/9]

  • Added compatibility for lower version webkit core

3.5.3 [2022/9/28]

  • Optimized the double-click reaction time of the numeric key speed adjustment
  • Fixed the issue of frequently appearing tips
  • Fixed the compatibility issue with the Duolingo website

3.5.2 [2022/9/26]

  • Added the ability to adjust the speed jump-wise
  • Solved the issue of Youtube's speed adjustment not being effective
  • Updated script documentation information and related addresses
  • Fixed the issue of mute/unmute failure on some websites

3.5.1 [2022/9/24]

  • Added the ability to recover video pan, zoom, and rotate
  • Optimized compatibility with Xuetang Online
  • Optimized debug information output

3.5.0 [2022/9/21]

  • Refactored configuration option storage management logic
  • Enhanced the fault tolerance ability of play/pause state switching
  • Improved success rate of script initialization
  • Increased detection rate of video instances
  • Optimized shortcut key occupancy situation for cross-TAB control
  • Adjusted volume amplitude from 10% to 5%
  • Adjusted screen zoom from 10% to 5%
  • Removed volume sync logic during initialization of instances
  • Removed useless code to streamline script volume
  • Fixed playback control support for several sites

3.4.8 [2022/9/13]

  • Temporarily retreated to the 3.4.6 code

3.4.7 [2022/9/06]

  • Added management logic to record playback volume
  • Implemented compatibility between speed adjustment and website's own speed adjustment
  • Added configurable options to the task configuration center
  • Added a menu option to turn on/off enhanced configurations
  • Added blocking of adjustment playback progress detection and anti-blocking
  • Fixed the abnormal synchronization of configuration items in the configuration item state manager

3.4.6 [2022/9/04]

  • Added detection of blocking speed adjustment and anti-blocking
  • Enhanced the accuracy of video instance switching in multi-instance video websites
  • Optimized the user experience of West Melon Video, Zhihu Video, Weibo Video

3.4.5 [2022/9/02]

  • Implemented automatic writing of video screenshot results to the clipboard
  • Added configurable items to the task configuration center
  • Enhanced fault tolerance of the task configuration center
  • Functionized shortcut key call
  • Optimized support for Netflix

3.4.4 [2022/8/30]

  • Added configuration option for global playback speed
  • Optimized speed recording of cross-domain limited pages
  • Fixed the problem of the auto-play menu option being invalid
  • Fixed the problem of failed volume adjustment for Zhihu videos

3.4.3 [2022/8/29]

  • Added support for local video playback control
  • Added support for B station's HEVC videos (bwp player)
  • Fixed the style disorder problem that may be caused by the prompt DOM
  • Optimized the condition judgment when automatically paused when screenshotting

3.4.2 [2022/8/26]

  • Adjusted screenshot interaction to achieve full compatibility of video screenshots
  • Added video mirror flip function
  • Optimized cross-TAB control logic
  • Optimized picture-in-picture detection logic
  • Fixed the cross-TAB control failure problem caused by the picture-in-picture performance strategy

3.4.1 [2022/8/22]

  • Improved the control experience of cross-domain iframe videos
  • Fixed the menu function of enabling/disabling auto-play

3.4.0 [2022/8/21]

  • Improved the success rate of script initialization
  • Added configuration management script logic
  • Adjusted and perfected menu registration logic
  • Added compatibility for
  • Fixed the shortcut key failure problem for B station's "Watch Later" videos

3.3.12 [2022/8/14]

  • Fixed the problem of B station space pause play invalid
  • Fixed the problem of B station next episode shortcut key invalid

3.3.11 [2022/8/14]

  • Fixed the problem of invalid webpage fullscreen and fullscreen shortcuts for B station

3.3.10 [2022/5/10]

  • Optimized the function and compatibility of some underlying libraries

3.3.9 [2021/6/6]

  • Fixed the problem of automatic playback of multiple videos at the same time
  • Added a button to disable initialization playback logic

3.3.8 [2021/6/6]

  • Optimized compatibility with other plugins
  • Solved the problem of script failure after initial abnormality

3.3.7 [2021/5/30]

  • Added automatic playback of B station videos
  • Optimized the webpage full-screen function of websites such as Baidu Pan and West Melon Video
  • Fixed some script logic errors

3.3.6 [2021/5/27]

  • Fixed the problem of no speed adjustment prompt after switching videos on B station
  • Fixed loading exception problem of icon resources in domestic environments
  • Fixed the problem of ineffective video playback speed for non-VIP members of Baidu Netdisk
  • Solved the problem of speed adjustment loop before playing videos by non-VIP users of Baidu

3.3.5 [2021/5/26]

  • Implemented high-speed playback of ads on mainstream video websites
  • Refactored some core script library logic
  • Optimized script performance and enhanced script compatibility

3.3.4 [2021/5/25]

  • Reduced the impact of hookJs performance on other websites (temporary solution)

3.3.3 [2021/5/20]

  • Fixed the issue of ineffective video playback speed for non-VIP members of Baidu Web Disk

3.3.2 [2021/5/19]

  • Fixed support for Baidu NetDisk and other websites

3.3.1 [2020/9/3]

  • Solved the problem of black screens on B site

3.3.0 [2020/4/24]

  • The prompt interface supports internationalization
  • Optimized the operation experience of B site and YouTube
  • Optimized some other feedback issues

3.2.8 [2020/4/12]

  • Added debugging auxiliary logic to implement hot update debugging
  • Introduced UI-related dependencies, ready for UI interface development
  • Solved compatibility issues of some websites

3.2.7 [2020/4/11]

  • Fixed website page exceptions caused by script errors

3.2.6 [2020/4/11]

  • Fixed error reporting problems in multiple websites caused by cross-domain screenshots

3.2.5 [2020/4/10]

  • Corrected some website compatibility issues

3.2.4 [2020/4/9]

  • Supported cross-domain screenshots
  • Supported suspension of specific events (to enhance anti-interference ability)
  • Optimized volume adjustment step length logic

3.2.3 [2020/4/5]

  • Supported multiple languages

3.2.2 [2020/4/4]

  • Added compatibility with Facebook's full-screen shortcut key
  • Added fast forward, fast rewind, fast volume up, fast volume down (ctrl+up and down arrows)
  • Fixed rotation function BUG

3.2.1 [2019/12/21]

  • Automatically restore settings adjusted to be controlled by domain name
  • Added compatibility for Station A and cancelled automatic play for Station B
  • Optimized some other function details

3.2.0 [2019/11/22]

  • Added cross-Tab operation Picture-in-Picture video function

3.1.2 [2019/11/20]

  • Fixed the BUG causing black screen due to non-compatibility of filter in Firefox
  • Added one-click play next video function to some websites
  • Enhanced compatibility of some websites

3.1.1 [2019/11/5]

  • Added compatibility for certain websites
  • Optimized the logic of obtaining prompt parent node

3.1.0 [2019/10/24]

  • Added the control option to automatically restore playback progress
  • Fixed bugs where tips could not be displayed correctly on some websites

3.0.5 [2019/10/14]

  • Added compatibility for Mac shortcut keys
  • Optimized some code logic

3.0.4 [2019/10/11]

  • Enhanced compatibility of prompt style under different websites
  • Optimized the method of obtaining video wrapper node

3.0.3 [2019/10/9]

  • Solved the style chaos BUG caused by tips
  • Optimized the method of obtaining video wrapper node
  • Added MouseObserver module

3.0.2 [2019/9/27]

  • Fixed the problem of Task Configuration Center failure
  • Optimized operation prompt style to reduce interference
  • Optimized screenshot file size
  • Added compatibility for some websites

3.0.1 [2019/9/25]

  • Fixed the BUG of screenshot download failure due to overly long screenshot file link
  • Added an ico icon

3.0.0 [2019/9/22]

  • Supported video screenshot
  • Supported Shortcut key Cross-domain Control
  • Added more useful modules for future development

2.6.1 [2019/9/19]

  • Removed statistical function
  • Compatible with cross-domain iframe play

2.6.0 [2019/9/18]

  • Added restore play speed function
  • Added Esc to exit webpage full screen
  • Code logic modularized

2.5.1 [2019/9/11]

  • Fixed excessive occupation of shortcut keys BUG

2.5.0 [2019/9/11]

  • Added screen moving function
  • Task Configuration Center adds custom initialization method
  • Shielded part of the website watermark
  • Blocked iQiyi pause ads
  • Compatible with Baidu Cloud Disk full screen shortcut keys
  • Fixed several BUGs

2.4.1 [2019/8/30]

  • Compatible with Tencent video speed play
  • Added Picture-in-Picture function
  • Added shortcut key customization function

2.3.3 [2019/8/30]

  • Compatible with Tencent video shortcut key operation
  • Added Picture-in-Picture function
  • Added shortcut key customization function

2.3.2 [2019/6/15]

  • Compatible with NetEase Open Class webpage
  • Fixed non-linear brightness, contrast, saturation adjustment BUG
  • Optimized other details such as fast forward and fast rewind

2.3.0 [2019/5/5]

  • Added default full-screen logic
  • Added default webpage full-screen logic
  • Fixed other related BUGs

2.2.0 [2019/4/21]

  • Refactored Task Configuration Center code logic
  • Corrected the compatibility logic of Bilibili under pause
  • Added compatibility with Bilibili Live
  • Fixed other related BUGs

2.1.0 [2019/4/18]

  • Implemented Task Configuration Center (TCC)
  • Added some websites' full screen, webpage full screen play shortcut keys through the Task Configuration Center
  • Corrected the problem that the playback speed cannot be synchronized under multiple instances
  • Optimized prompt style
  • Fixed other related BUGs

2.0.0 [2019/4/15]

  • Unlocked shadowdom's video component
  • Supports multi-instance environment
  • Greatly optimized performance, using faster listening methods
  • Code restructure and refinement
  • Fixed other related BUGs

1.3.0 [2019/4/13]

  • Added resume playback progress function
  • Added record playback speed function
  • Added disable plugin shortcut function (Ctrl+space)
  • Shortcut key becomes globally available, improved compatibility
  • Fixed other related BUGs

1.2.0 [2019/4/12]

  • Added function to zoom video screen size
  • Added support for netflix website
  • Fully adjusted code structure
  • Corrected some compatibility issues and related BUGs
  • Script code engineering, code complies with js standard specification
  • Completed documentation

1.1.2 [2019/4/11]

  • Inherited code, tidied code
  • Optimized adjustment of some codes

Released under the GPL License.